ni-msme has made many memorable contributions to enterprise development both nationally and internationally. MSMEs and executives from all over the world have been taking the advantage of the programmes, workshops and seminars on contemporary themes organised at ni-msme.

Some of the Institutes cornerstone interventions like the first international programme (1967) conducted with assistance from UNIDO; Simulation Exercises for Small Industry Management (SIMSIM) (1987); the UNESCO Chair(1997) International Workshop in Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (PROSME) (1998); Export Production Villages (1999); Trade Related Development Programme for Women (TREAD) (2000); Entrepreneurship Development in the New Millennium (2001); Training of Mothers of Child Labour in Income Generation Skills Under Child Labour Eradication Project by ILO (2001); B2B Transactions with Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, Bhutan, Nigeria , Sudan, Ghana, reflect the national and international acclaim. nimsme has gained through its excellence and commitment, by blending the best of the traditional with the smart, modern day techniques, world-class facilities and continuously exploring and inventing custom-based methodologies. ni-msme is not a mere solutions provider but is evolving as a value-added partner.

The infrastructure and facilities at the ni-msme campus are at par with international standards. They reflect the natural excellence that qualifies every activity and attribute of the Institute. ni-msme has embraced technology in all its functions to keep pace with the tenor of the times and to make its services more efficient. State-of-the-art facilities, pleasant environs, proven methodologies supported by modern academic infrastructure, experienced faculty, expert consultants and resource persons and above all, decades of experience complemented by a modern and creative outlook, have given a new definition to the standard of services provided by the Institute. It is now recognised as being among the best training, research and extension facilities in the world.