DSR for A.P. Coir Clusters

ni-msme has been assigned by Coir Board the task of preparing diagnostic study reports for eight coir clusters in the state of Andhra Pradesh, for implementing SFURTI. In this context, Mr. Raj Kumar of NRCD of ni-msme made a tour of coir clusters in the districts of East Godavari, West Godavari and Srikakulam in A.P. during the month, to collect necessary data. In the process, he interacted with coir board officials, implementing agency and cluster stakeholders. He called on Ms. Isabel Rose Anto, regional officer of coir board, along with Mr. Vijaya Saradhi of APITCO. They also met Mr. Ram Chandar Rao there. Mr. Raj Kumar and Mr. Vijaya Saradhi visited coir concentrated areas in the districts and had discussions with entrepreneurs. Further, they explained the purpose and function of SPV. The entrepreneurs showed keen interest in SFURTI implementation and enquired about guidelines, design interventions, technology up-gradation, raw material bank, etc. They hoped that SFURTI would add glow to coir sector and its dependants.

Diagnostic Study of KVIC Clusters

The task of conducting diagnostic study and preparing the reports for various coir and village industry clusters in Andhra Pradesh has been entrusted to ni-msme. Coir Board has assigned 8 clusters and the KVIC divisional office in Visakhapatnam has assigned two. Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud and Mr. G. Raj Kumar of ni-msme have visited the clusters and interacted with individual artisans, besides holding focused group meetings to collect basic cluster information, identify critical issues and take suggestions for suitable interventions. The officials of NAs and IAs, representatives of proposed SPVs and senior artisans have participated in the discussions and given insightful suggestions. Mr. M. Rama ChandarRao, Mr. A.G. Rao and Mr. P. Siva Ram Prasad – officials of Coir Board, KVIC and Industries Department - have supported in smooth conduct of the study.

DSR for Food Processing Cluster

The Diagnostic Study Report (DSR) for the Jonnada Food Processing Cluster has been prepared by ni-msme experts, in consultation with the cluster artisans, implementing agency, officials of KVIC, and the Industries Department. The task was assigned by the KVIC. In this context, the KVIC convened the Project Screening Committee meeting of SFURTI on 2nd December 2016, chaired by Mrs. Usha Suresh, CEO. The Dy. CEOs, the Directors and other staff members of the Directorate of SFURTI had also attended the meeting. Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member (SED) of ni-msme made a presentation on the Jonnada Food Processing Cluster. It was suggested that the value added products may also be included along with the regular traditional items, specifications of tools and machinery and also exposure visit as part of soft interventions. Now, revision of the DSR is in progress.

DPR for Handicraft Clusters

The National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC) has assigned ni-msme the task of preparing Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Mysuru Wooden Inlay cluster and Palakkad Pottery and Papiere Mache Products cluster. In this connection, the faculty of ni-msme Mr. L. Vijaya Kumar and Mr. Raj Kumar had visited Mysuru and Palakkad respectively during 11-18 July 2017.

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