SEDME Journal breathed its first in 1974, when the academic community of the institute felt the need for a forum through which they could express and exchange their thoughts and opinions on small enterprise related policies, programmes, etc. Since then, it has evolved into a healthy journal of acknowledged quality in the domain of small enterprise, attracting contributors and users not only from every corner of the country but also from other developing as well as developed countries.

SEDME Journal has been bringing out exclusive theme focussed numbers (IPR, EDP, Rural Industrialisation, Finance, etc.) and is widely sought after by researchers, practitioners and promotional bodies concerned with small enterprise one way or the other.

The editorial team of Journal take pride in stating that during the massive quarter century of the Journal’s existence, it has been a sui generis journal dedicated to small enterprise, and continues to maintain that premier position.

Contributors to SEDME Journal include policy makers, researchers, academicians, financiers, executives and other officials associated with MSME promotional activities. A random selection from the back volumes would show contributors from countries as far apart as Bangladessh, Canada, Korea, UK and Iran.

Contributors interested in publishing their articles in SEDME Journal may please note the following.

  1. Please ensure that the articles are analytically perceptive or empirically elucidative, at least 2000 words in length, typed in double space on one side only, and are sent in duplicate.
  2. In cases where the article is sent in a floppy disk or through e-mail, please ensure that the article comes through as a file attachment in Microsoft Word, that the file name(s) are given for all parts of the article, and one hard copy is sent through regular mail.
  3. Please check that the sources are clearly cited for all the ideas, concepts, graphics and other information, and that the citations are complete in all respects. This helps avoid processing delays.
  4. Please enclose a declaration stating that the article is your original effort prepared for SEDME Journal and has not been published or pending publication in any other periodical/newspaper/magazine, etc., signed by all the authors.
  5. The copyright of the selected articles shall rest with SEDME Journal.
  6. Articles which are sent for theme specials, and not included therein, may be published later, in due course.

For further information regarding Journal,
please contact:

SEDME Journal, ni-msme.
Hyderabad 500045, India.

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