Promotion of Viable Micro Enterprises for Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Micro Enterprises


Micro finance is an important issue in the development agenda relating to the provision and delivery of credit to the poor so that poverty could be tackled by the poor themselves. Micro finance is facilitated through synergisation of thrift and credit in voluntary groups formed by poor and popularly known as self-help groups. The Self Help Group approach has now received wide acceptance as an effective strategy for empowerment of vulnerable sections of society representing economically, socially and physically challenged human groups such as unemployed youth, women and weaker sections.
Many Self Help Groups are functioning successfully across the country and their promotion and strengthening has become an integral in community development and self employment programmes.
Micro financing institutions need to develop knowledge for bringing the financial services to a market segment that is not favoured by traditional providers of the services. The administration of micro finance through informal groups has to operate in a turbulent and dynamic environment.
A high degree of internal flexibility and conceptual commitment are sought from the institutions for quick adaptation in the field situation. This orientation can be achieved through familiarisation in the prevailing best practices of micro finance and divergence in approach, based on the experiences of the other countries in the world. Micro finance is considered to be an economic and social cohesion agent among members of SHG for attaining better living standards. Promotion of viable enterprises is an important component of the entire process of SHG promotion. It synergises the positive features of savings and credit habits to set the stage for the subsequent establishment of income generating micro enterprises.

Target Audience

  • Officials in-charge of project preparation and implementation of SHGs micro enterprises representing Government/Finance corporations/DRDA/ DPIP.
  • Representatives of developmental financial institutions/Non-Govt. organisations/funding agencies/training institutions/Banks engaged in promoting and financing SHGs.
  • Representatives of Federations/MACs of SHGs/Local area banks/networking agencies.


  • Reinforce conceptual perceptions on micro financing
  • Improve analytical and appraisal skills for identification and financing income generating micro enterprises
  • Enhance project planning and monitoring skills for viable micro enterprises
  • Enrich motivational and training skills for strengthening SHGs to set up viable enterprises


3 days


Rs. 7500/- (Residential)
Rs. 6000/- (Non-Residential) (18% GST as applicable).
The fee covers cost of tuition, reading material, boarding and lodging. It does not cover travel costs of participants. Fee once paid shall not be refunded. However, a substitute may be permitted.

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