Promoting Innovation in MSME Clusters


Cluster approach is a proven strategy for successful development of MSME sector across the globe as it helps in enhancing industrial competitiveness and innovativeness apart from enormous contribution in economic development and creation of employment opportunities. After UNIDO interventions, with Policy recommendation of Abid Hussian Committee, the Government of India has been implementing about 26 cluster based development schemes through various Ministries. The Cluster strategy offers advantages for MSME sector to enhance the productivity and develop new innovative products, services, processes and business models.
It is estimated that India has the largest number of clusters, about 6000 rural clusters and 1200 industrial clusters. Indian Government has declared 2010 – 2020 as the “Decade of Innovation”. Today most of the MSME clusters are suffering due to lack of access to latest technology, research and development facilities, insufficient finance and workforce imbued with poor technical and managerial skills which affect their growth and productivity. At the same time, if we mobilize, network, and assist cluster stakeholders like entrepreneurs, policy makers, cluster executives, industry associations, technical and management institutions, they foster innovation through dense knowledge flows and spillovers.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Industry Associations, Technical and Management Institutions, and officials involved in MSME development


  • To understand concepts of innovation
  • To understand need and importance of networking
  • Advantages accruing through collaboration for collective R&D and innovation
  • Familiarizing with schemes of Government of India related to Innovation
  • Discussing global initiatives on promotion of innovation in clusters


2 days


Rs. 5000/- (Residential)(18% GST as applicable).
The fee covers cost of tuition, reading material, boarding and lodging. It does not cover travel costs of participants. Fee once paid shall not be refunded. However, a substitute may be permitted.

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