Planning and Promotion of MSMEs


Government of India and State Governments in particular have been pursuing programmes and policies to promote and assist the development of MSMEs to accelerate economic development and to generate employment opportunities and through industrialization in a dispersed way by harnessing local resources. It is imperative that those who are engaged in this task should have sufficient knowledge not only on government programmes and policies but also to guide the potential entrepreneurs to become successful in all their endeavors. To fulfill the above task they need to equip themselves with lot of motivation, enthusiasm and leadership qualities. Therefore, the officers require a special orientation towards the tasks they have to perform at gross root level.

Target Audience

Extension officials of DICs, State corporations and Bank officials. It will also benefit to those who are involved in decision-making and policy implementation of micro small and medium enterprises in their regions


  • Understand the concepts and role of the micro, small and rural enterprises in the economic prosperity of the region
  • Identify gaps in skill development and thereby promoting entrepreneurship development in the local areas
  • Acquire skills in identifying sustainable enterprises and the preparation of Business Plan
  • Upgrade skills in the approaches on Cluster Development and eco-friendly enterprises


1 week


Rs. 13000/- (Residential)
Rs. 10000/- (Non-Residential) (18% GST as applicable).
The fee covers cost of tuition, reading material, boarding and lodging. It does not cover travel costs of participants. Fee once paid shall not be refunded. However, a substitute may be permitted.

For further details contact:

Mr.J. Koteswara Rao
Associate Faculty Member
School of Enterprise Development
Tel: 040-23633220