Partner with Us

As one stop destination for entrepreneurs, NIMSME offers 360 degree support to micro, small and medium enterprises right from the stage of conceptualization to the stage of global business expansion.

NIMSME is always open to explore ‘Co-Marketing Relationships’ not only with budding entrepreneurs but also with established enterprises and venture capitalist firms.

You can send us business proposals and/ or promotional plans that are clearly aligned to benefit participating organizations and the respective mutual customer audiences.

Areas of Collaboration:

  1. Executive Development Programmes
  2. International Executive Development Programmes
  3. Research Projects
  4. Consultancy (Impact Study, Assessment & Evaluation)
  5. Outreach & Orientation Programmes
  6. Conferences & Workshops
  7. Capacity Building Programmes
  8. Documentation (DPR, Project Profiles, etc)

Director (Marketing & Business Development)
Tel: 040-23633245