Intellectual Property Facilitation Center (IPFC)

Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC) for MSMEs has been established at ni-msme in August 2009. The Centre has actively undertaken consultancy to various Entrepreneurs and MSMEs on trademarks, copy rights, Industrial Designs geographical indications, patents both national and international, industrial/layout designs, service marks. The national and international patents have incentive scheme along with Geographical Indications from Office of Development Commissioner (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), Governmet of India.

Services of IPFC:

  1. Information services
  2. Awareness /sensitization events
  3. IPR trainings/ workshops
  4. IP counseling & advisory services
  5. IP Filing Services (Patent, Copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications(GI) etc)
  6. Patent Searches & Landscaping
  7. Technology and competitor watch
  8. IPR Legal status search

Awareness Programmes

IPFC conducts awareness programs for many manufacturing companies, business owners, directors, managers, Research and Development teams, scientists and researchers on the importance of IP in their business and research activities.

Training Programmes

IPFC Center conducts various IP related training programmes to Individuals and various organizations. The center also conducts customized IP training programmes, based on what the clients’ wants and needs.

IPR Consultancy

IPFC offers Membership for its regular users to use the IP related advisory services. The membership also helps IPFC to maintain its continuous contact with its beneficiaries and partners.

The center has done significant number of trademarks, patents, copyright and geographical indications filings from industry and individuals. The center has more than 100 members who are from different industries and associations.

Faculty Development Programme on Intellectual Property Rights. Register Download
Total Quality Management for MSMEs
Programme Director: Mrs. V. Swapna.
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Patent Application Drafting and Filling Procedures.
Programme Director: Mrs. V. Swapna.
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IP Strategy for Startups and Entrepreneurs.
Programme Director: Mrs. V. Swapna.
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Intellectual Property Rights: its implications for MSMEs.
Programme Director: Mrs. V. Swapna.
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