Intellectual Property Rights and its implications for MSMEs


Intellectual Property rights (IPR) allow innovative entrepreneurs to protect their inventions & new business ideas. IPR also helps the firms to recoup their innovation investment and consequently provides an incentive for investing in innovation. Effective IP systems also help in attracting the potential funders for investment and technology collaborations between the firms.
IP strategy is becoming even more critical in helping new ventures & existing entrepreneurs to transform their innovation potential and creativity into market value and competitiveness. It is therefore extremely necessary and important for startups & Entrepreneurs to understand the different types of IP, how to manage and exploit IP for achieving success in their business.

There are two kinds of implications of IPRs for MSMEs. Firstly, the IPR of a small enterprise may be usurped by somebody and so it stands to lose if it is not enabled to protect its IPRs. Secondly, knowingly or unknowingly, a small enterprise may infringe on others IPRs if it does not possess knowledge of it. But as the law says, ignorance is no excuse. Hence the need to convert intellectual abilities into intellectual properties carrying appropriate rights

Target Audience

Enterprises, Research institutes, MSMEs, Academic institutions & Universities, MSME Development Institutes, Technical Consultancy Organizations, Incubators, IP professionals, Industry Associations, Business development cells, Entrepreneurship Cells, Technology Transfer Cells, IP-owning entities, Policy makers, Inventors, Engineers, R&D Heads, Subject Matter Specialist and others engaged in technical endeavors


  • Concept, characteristics and context of Intellectual Property Issues involved in IP Management: An overview
  • IP components & Filing Procedures: Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights, GI & Industrial Designs
  • IP Commercialization and Deployment
  • Government initiatives on IP Promotion for Startups & MSMEs
  • IP Enforcement


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