Financing Micro and Small Enterprises


Financing to micro and small enterprises can be in the form of direct and indirect credit besides credit supplementation. Depending on requirements of the project an appropriate strategy will be adopted.
At the micro level, scientific approach of project formulation and appraisal are necessary to assess credit needs of projects due to a shift from security oriented to need based and growth oriented approach on the part of lending agencies. The role of banks or financial institutions shall not be restricted to a lending activity, but also envisages a sympathetic and liberal approach towards the needs and problems of enterprises. Rigorous supervision and follow-up of credit ensures proper end-use of funds, besides timely recovery to maintain the pace of funds flow at the lending institution. Prevention of enterprises becoming sick as well as turnaround strategies assumes further importance in this context, to ensure a healthy economy, in the nation’s developing process.

Target Audience

bankers, personnel of financial institutions, consultants, etc., concerned with financing of projects, besides personnel of promotional agencies and other organisations dealing with projects.


  • Understand development banking
  • Improve operational skills to assess credit requirements of borrowers, scrutinize and appraise loan proposals
  • Develop suitable systems of supervision and follow-up to ensure proper utilization of funds by the borrowers, and prompt recovery


1 week


Rs. 13000/- (Residential)
Rs. 10000/- (Non-Residential) (18% GST as applicable).
The fee covers cost of tuition, reading material, boarding and lodging. It does not cover travel costs of participants. Fee once paid shall not be refunded. However, a substitute may be permitted.

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