Cluster Review

The National Resource Centre for Cluster Development (NRCD) of ni-msme had organised a review meeting of SFURTI clusters on 6th January 2017 at ni-msme campus. Representatives of Implementing Agencies and Technical Agency and Cluster Development Executives of MothkurIkat Handloom Cluster, Pembarthy Metalware Cluster and Ieeza Handloom cluster were invited to discuss on soft and hard interventions to be implemented in their respective clusters. Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, SED and Mr. L. Vijay Kumar and Mr. G. Raj Kumar, Consultants at ni-msme were also present in the meeting: Mr. Goud, after welcoming the participants, presented a statement regarding funds received under soft and hard components, and suggested that all the IAs and CDEs, and the TA take necessary action for speedy implementation of the project. He urged the IAs/CDEs to strive to complete the hard interventions at the earliest and take immediate action for mobilising the SPV contribution towards hard interventions. Further he advised the IAs/SPVs/CDEs to attend review meetings along with the details of physical and financial progress of the project. The TA presented inputs for finalisation of building plans and estimations, as also machinery specifications. Accordingly, the CDEs were advised to prepare the tender notices and schedules. The IAs have to take necessary action to publish them in the national and local newspapers by 12th January 2017. Later the preparatory work for conducting Skill Development Programmes was discussed and IAs/CDEs guided on the preparation of curriculum, identification of trainers and selection of trainees. It was decided to start the programmes in the last week of January 2017. The IAs/CDEs stated that the artisan data, details of completed activities and other cluster information have been uploaded to the SFURTI website. The progress in collecting individual artisan data and implementing social security schemes for artisans was reported, as also the action taken for mobilising SPV contribution, licences/approvals, etc. was enumerated.

Harihara khadi cluster, Davangere

The Implementing Agency of the cluster had organised the working committee meeting of SFURTI on 9th February 2017 at Davangere, chaired by Mr. Subhas Chandra Bose, Director, KVIC. Mr. Chandra Balu, Nodal Officer of KVIC, the chairman and secretary of the IA, and the artisans had participated in the meeting. The impact of interventions completed was reviewed and plan of action for completing the pending activities discussed. The members visited the work shed to observe newly installed hand-looms, charkhas and the garments unit. He suggested developing new products and packaging material with the support of expert designers from the National Institute of Fashion Design, Indian Institute of Packaging, and Textile Institute of Davanagere. Mr. Surya Prakash Goud advised them to approach the banks for working capital and also to make arrangements for product marketing. The members discussed utilising looms and charkhas effectively. They desired that the artisans participate in the Global Economic Summit at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai during 27-29 March 2017. After the meeting, Mr. Goud, along with Mr. G. Sudhakar, CDE visited the cluster and guided the IA and the CDE on the completion of soft interventions, arranging working capital, etc.

Coconut processing cluster, Tirur

The Ministry of MSME has approved SFURTI implementation in this cluster and sanctioned Rs. 312.88 lakh towards interventions. ni-msme is the nodal agency whereas Tirur Coconut Producer Company Limited is the IA. A meeting was organised at Tirur on 11th February 2017 to discuss cluster interventions with the Directors and members of the IA, inviting tenders for machinery and construction works, mobilisation of SPV contribution, etc. Initially, Mr. Raveendran, CEO outlined activities and experience of the IA, development of new products through SFURTI interventions and benefits for coconut growers and other entrepreneurs of the cluster. Mr. Surya Prakash Goud explained in detail the scheme guidelines; project funding, and implementation methodology, role and responsibilities of IA/CDE and gave inputs for preparing building drawings and specifications of machinery, etc. Later, Mr. Goud visited two federations at Tirur to see the infrastructure.

Mothkur and Pembarthi clusters

Mr. Surya Prakash Goud visited MothkurIkat handloom cluster and Pembarthi metalware cluster on 23rd February 2017, to review the progress of interventions. Mr. Jaldi Ramulu, President, IA; Mr. Ch. Parameshwar, CDE had participated in the meeting along with other members. The CDE reported the action taken for conducting skill development programmes for spinners and weavers, and another programme to impart skills in dyeing. Further, he observed that there was poor response from the machinery suppliers and sufficient tenders were not received by the IA for finalisation of machinery suppliers. At Pembarthy, Mr. Goud discussed the progress of SFURTI project in the presence of key functionaries of the society and the Mr. Bhaskar, CDE. The CDE has briefed action taken for inviting tenders for procurement of machinery, construction of shed, etc. It is understood that the specifications of some machines were not yet finalised due to various reasons. The members were advised to consult the Technical Agency, to take support from MSME tool-room and finalise the same. The contribution of IA, conducting skill training programmes, organising exposure visit to Moradabad were discussed in detail and necessary inputs were provided. Later, he visited the present sales outlet and the proposed site for the new outlet along with the artisans.

Wooden toys cluster, Kondapalli

The Kondapalli Wooden Toys Manufacturers Mutually Aided Purchase & Sales Cooperative Society Ltd. conducted the General Body meeting of the Society on 25th February 2017, to discuss SFURTI implementation. The officials of DRDA and IL&FS;, Mr. Krishnamraju, APM, DRDA; Krishna (Implementing Agency), Ms. Sohini Chaparala, Consultant, IL&FS; clusters (Technical Agency), directors and members of the Society attended the meeting.

The members required non-SFURTI related issues to be answered and made transparent by the Society’s Executive Committee before proceeding with SFURTI. These issues had been continuing since last year and have been obstructing the progress of SFURTI. Following Mr. Goud’s suggestion, the project was explained to the women SHGs, all from artisan families, who formed a majority of the GBM. They were willing to adopt SFURTI independently provided they were given all support of expertise, capacity building and project implementation. The DRDA (Velugu) that implements the credit network in the district, validated an excellent track record of 100% repayment of credit by all the 13 women groups belonging to Kondapalli artisan families. The existing SPV agreed to support, financially and otherwise, the new Society of women SHGs. After deliberation, it was decided to create a Society of all women of the artisan families. The IA was advised to recruit a CDE and implement social security schemes.

SFURTI Zonal Level Workshop

The South Zone office of the KVIC organised the zonal Level workshop on SFURTI on 24th March 2017 in Bengaluru. Representatives of technical agencies, implementing agencies, CDEs and nodal officers of SFURTI clusters were present in the workshop.

The workshop was inaugurated by Mrs. Usha Suresh, CEO and Financial Adviser, SFURTI in the presence of Mr. G. Chandra mouli, Member (South Zone) and Mr. G. Guru prasanna, Deputy CEO. The State Director and other officials of SFURTI programme also attended the event.

During the opening remarks, the Dy CEO, Mr. G. Guru prasanna spoke about various SFURTI projects being implementing in the South Zone. He pointed out his observations and that the South Zone clusters are progressing well and suggested that the Implementing Agencies take necessary action for successful implementation of the project by taking support from the Technical Agencies.

Mr. Chandra mouli stressed on the need for close coordination for effective implementation of the project. Mr. Suresh pointed out the need to focus on thematic interventions to improve quality, productivity and marketing of cluster products.

Later, each of the clusters was reviewed and suitable suggestions given. Mr. Goud gave a presentation on the role of the implementing agency, for successful implementation of SFURTI.


The review meeting of SFURTI clusters was held on 4thand 6th April 2017, at ni-msme campus. Representatives of the IA and the SPV and the CDE of Mothukur, Pembarthy, Ieeza, Pedana and Kondapally clusters were present in the meeting.

Mr. H.K. Chari and Mrs. Sohini Chaparala from IL & FS Clusters Initiatives Ltd, which is the Technical Agency for the above clusters, were also present through the review meeting. Initially, Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member (SED), ni-msme welcomed all the participants and made a recap of the decisions made in the previous meeting regarding supply of machinery and construction of CFC building and also completion of work as per the time lines. The CDE of MothukurIkat Handloom Cluster reported on the laying of foundation stone for the CFC by Dr. B. Narsaiah Goud, Faculty Member on 18th March 2017, and described the preparatory work carried out for conducting the skill development programme. The schedule for civil works and procurement of machinery was discussed.

Mr. H.K. Chari suggested acquiring designs from the Master weavers and using them while conducting the skill development programmes for the artisans. Mr. G. Krishnam Raju, Assistant Project Director, DRDA, Krishna explained that the MoU of the Kondapalli Toys Cluster was completed and the registration of SPV was in progress. The action plan and the timelines were prepared in consultation with Mrs. Sohini for completion of the construction work.

The CDEs have informed that the artisan’s data has uploaded to the web portal and details of SPV contribution deposited in the bank. The CDE of Pembarthy informed that tenders were finalised for construction of building for sales outlet and refurbishment of the building. Mr Surya Prakash Goud has advised the President of Mothukur, Pembarthy, Ieeza clusters to submit the detailed expenditure incurred so far. Further, he suggested that the CDEs prepare detailed action plan along with revised time lines for implementation of soft interventions in consultation with the Technical Agency and also to cover all the cluster artisans under the social security schemes of the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana. Later, Mr. L. Vijay Kumar and G. Raj Kumar, Consultants at ni-msme facilitated the preparation of the schedule for the skill development training programme, and preparation of specifications of machinery, verified the work orders prepared and given inputs on maintenance of files, etc. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Vijay Kumar of ni-msme.

SFURTI Clusters Review

The review meet of SFURTI clusters was held on 3rd May2017 at ni-msme campus. Representatives of implementing agencies, technical agencies, SPV and CDEs of Pembarthy Metalware Cluster, MothukurIkat Handloom Cluster, Kondapalli Wooden Toys Cluster and Pedana Kalamkari Cluster. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member of ni-msme elucidated the observations of the Ministry and action to be taken for timely implementation of the project. The implementing agencies stated their problems in implementing hard interventions. The meeting proposed regular review of the project by the technical agency. Mrs. Sohini Chaparala, TA, IL & FS summed up the progress of Kondapalli Toys Cluster: opening the bank account, registering the SPV and timelines for completing the interventions. Mr. L. Vijay Kumar and G. Raj Kumar of NRCD provided inputs on maintaining files and documents, preparing machinery specifications, and verified the work orders and uploaded data in SFURTI Web Portal. Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud advised all the clusters to submit the statement of expenditure and take immediate action for uploading cluster data on SFURTI web portal. Construction of CFC and sales outlet were discussed, and assurance was given regarding for speedy implementation of the project. Members were asked to make action plan for implementing soft interventions in consultation with technical agency and further suggested covering all the artisans under the social security schemes (e.g., Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana) and create awareness on the schemes among them.

Chittoor Coir Cluster

The Ministry of MSME has approved SFURTI implementation for the Chittoor Coir Cluster. As the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) had problem in identifying suitable land for CFC, nimsme approached the District Rural Development Authority (DRDA) to actively participate in implementing the scheme.

Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, ni-msme; and Mr. Y. Chandra Reddy, CDE of the cluster met Mr. Ravi Prakash Reddy, Project Director, DRDA on 1st May 2017, to discuss the status of the project. The discussions focused on allotment of land, SPV contribution, identification of new artisans, changing IA/SPV. Mr. Ravi Prakash Reddy announced that the Government of Andhra Pradesh has allotted land for CFC and is ready to arrange SPV contribution. Later, Mr. Goud presented the profile of APITCO Ltd.

SFURTI Progress at Kalamkari Cluster

Mr. Chandramouli, Hon’ble South Zone member, KVIC visited Srikalahasti kalamkari crafts cluster on 2nd May 2017 to review the progress of SFURTI implementation. Accompanied by Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, ni-msme and Mr. G. Sudhakar Reddy, CDE of the cluster, he visited the CFC, under construction at Palamala village. He advised them to prepare progress report on both soft and hard interventions, showing the timelines and issued suitable instructions to the CDE regarding various works.

Later, Mr. Chandra mouli visited the production centre and interacted with the artisans about developing new designs, production, wages and their income.

Bhoomi Puja for Pembarthy CFC

The Ministry of MSME has approved SFURTI implementation for Pembarthy Metalware Cluster, for which ni-msme is the nodal agency while IL&FS; Clusters Ltd. is the technical agency.

The Bhoomi Puja for the CFC was performed by Vishwa karma Brass Copper and Silver Ind. Coop. Society Ltd., Pembarthy - the implementing agency, on 28th May 2017.

Dr. B. Narasaiah Goud, Hon’ble Member of Parliament did the Bhoomi Puja for the sales outlet building in the presence of Mrs. A. Sri Devasena, District Magistrate and Collector, and other dignitaries, also present on 28th May 2017. Later,Dr. Goud, addressing the artisans, suggested developing new and innovative designs to sell in the national and international markets, and gave several examples for improving their business. Further he stressed the need for revival and continuation of traditional activity, which plays an important role in the economy and would help arrest migration of rural people, and assured support for marketing of brassware products. He congratulated the nodal agency and technical agency for their sincere efforts towards implementing the project. The Collector advised the artisans to focus on latest designs, machineries and methods of marketing their products to promote them in and around the state. Appreciating the skills of Pembarthy artisans, she assured best support from the State Government. The President, Chairman and other members of the Society shared their opinions and requested a few provisions for the development of the society in their addresses. Mrs. Sharmista Mahapatra and Mr. H.K. Chary of IL & FS, and Mr. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty of ni-msme were present on the occasion and extended their support.

Review meet of coir clusters

The Coir Board held the review meeting of coir clusters at the Chamber of Industry & Commerce, Pollachi on 9th June 2017 inviting IAs, TAs, CDEs and SPVs. The purpose was to review the progress of soft and hard interventions, and provide necessary support for smooth implementation of the project.

Mr. D.P.S. Negi, Secretary, Coir Board, in his inaugural address, advised all IAs and SPVs to take immediate action for completion of the interventions at the earliest. Earlier, Mr. Ajit Kumar, Director (Marketing), Coir Board welcoming the assemblage, gave an overview of all SFURTI coir clusters along with the observations of the Coir Board. Mr. K. Surya prakash Goud, Faculty of ni-msme facilitated the presentation of cluster reports by the IAs, SPVs and CDEs of Vizianagaram and Chittoor clusters of Andhra Pradesh, and Pendur and Sawantwadi clusters of Maharashtra.

Vizianagaram coir cluster

The coir industries (Revamped SFURTI-Vizianagaram coir cluster) of Vijayanagaram district, A.P. had organised an awareness programme on GST for the members of coir industries at Vijayanagaram. A total of 121 participants from among coir entrepreneurs, chief finance manager, accountants and employees had participated. Mr. Kora Obula Reddy, GST consultant at ni-msme addressed a session on implications of GST, highlighting the issues related to registration, returns, input tax credit and impact on MSME sector.

Pembarthy metalware cluster

The purchase committee meeting of Pembarthy metalware cluster was held on 6th June 2017 in order to finalise the supplier for the machinery to be installed at their CFC. Mr. Vedanta Chary, President of Vishwakarma Brass, Copper & Silver Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., Pembarthy (IA) invited all the members and apprised them of the status of the project. Mr. L. Vijay Kumar, consultant at ni-msme (NA); and Mr. Srinivas Mohanthy, ILFS (TA) were present in the meeting. Mr. Vedanta Chary narrated about the tendering process and detailed about analysis of technical and financial proposals for selection of supplier. Later, Mr. Vijay Kumar reviewed all the activities and advised speeding up the construction of CFC building. Mr. Mohanthy participated in the tender opening process along with Vijay Kumar, for evaluating the tendering process.

Punjab clusters

Mr. Surya Prakash Goud of ni-msme made a tour of the Punjab clusters during 17-19 June 2017. During the visit to Bhatinda honey processing cluster along with Mr. Rohit Dheer of M/s Grant Thornton (TA), they discussed the progress of the cluster with Mr. Gurcharan Singh, Mr. Jagrup Singh, Mr. Navneet Singh and other artisans (SPV members) regarding CFC. The bank officials were invited and familiarised with operational mechanism of accounts at the cluster.

At the Hoshiyarpur wooden crafts cluster Mr. Goud has visited the artisans’ work sheds and the project site along with Mr. Parminder Singh and other artisans (SPV members) and Mr. Rohit Dheer (TA). They discussed with SPV members regarding tendering process, construction of CFC, SPV contribution, etc., and advised the TA to prepare a detailed report on the project status, showing timelines for completion of interventions.

On the 19th, Mr. Goud met Mr. Sarabjit Singh, Jt. Director; and Mr. Gurmith Singh, General Manager, DIC of Bhatinda, and apprised them on the status of SFURTI clusters. He requested speeding up of cluster interventions. The guidelines of SFURTI, implementation of soft and hard interventions, and operation of bank accounts and role of implementing agency were elucidated.

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